Farm Safety

At Castle Adventure Open Farm your safety is very important to us. To ensure you enjoy your day out we have put together a simple list of rules that we ask you to follow while on the farm.

Supervision on the farm

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the farm

The Castle

Entry to the castle or the surrounding areas is not permitted.
The structure of the castle is not safe. Please enjoy the beautiful
view of the castle from a safe distance.

Wash Your Hands

After contact with animals it is important to wash your hands especially before eating any food. We have a number of hand washing station situated throughout the farm for you to use and we also have fully equipped toilet area.

Cuts and Grazes

If you have any open wounds cuts or grazes it is important to keep them covered up to prevent against infection.

Do Not Eat Animal Food

The animal food on sale in our shop is for animal consumption only.

Pregnant Women

All pregnant women should avoid contact with sheep or lambs.

Our Animals

Some animals may bite. Never handle without the supervision of staff


Children are the responsibilities of their parents or guardians and must be supervised at all times